Menu planning

im sat here planning what we’ll be having for dinner for the next week so I thought I’d share it with you, this is my meal planner, isn’t it pretty? I got this from Sainsburys but there are plentyout there so if you’re as obsessed with stationary as I am you’ll end up with 4 or 5 of these babies before you know it (the cake helps BTW 😉)


I start by checking out what I’ve got stashed in the freezer, i usually have a few bits and bobs in there, sometimes I grab a bargain or I might buy extra if there’s a good offer on and freeze what I don’t need for another day. I see what I’ve got and work from there, I get lots of love ideas from Pintrest, I love Pinterest, it’s great for inspiration. 

While I write my menu I make my shopping list, writing down what I need for each meal so I don’t buy too much, I hate food waste, there’s no need for it if we all just shopped a little smarter



One thought on “Menu planning

  1. I wish I could be that organised Lizz, my freezer is full, my cupboard is full but never think of planning for the week , well done you xxx

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