Sunday bliss

im sat here planning my weeks menu in the garden, sipping a glass of prosecco (love a bit of prosecco) it is perhaps a little breezier than I would like but still lovely. I love sitting outside to eat, wether it’s at home in the garden or out at a restaurant there’s something very relaxing about being able to sit outside. 

Anywhoo I’m planning away and I’m trying to come up with some lovely summery dishes for us. The Mr is currently going no carbs for a few weeks so it’s been lots of salads for lunch (he loves salad, not!) and plenty of meat and veg for dinner although I do try to do 1 meat free meal a week (sometimes more) so at present my shop of choice in Morrisons (I would like to add that I am not affiliated with any of the supermarkets, all of my opinions are my own) I like Morrisons mostly because of the price, I always find myself walking round other supermarkets thinking “I could get that cheaper at Morrisons” I like their fresh fruit and veg, their butchers is quite good even though I do like to buy my meat from a local butchers and I do like the match and more card. So far I think I’ve had a £5 voucher every month and I’ve started saving them, they’re valid for a year!!! So between them, nectar and club card points I’m hoping to have a fairly cheap Christmas 😀 I would definitely recommend getting all the loyalty cards because all these points and offers add up even if you’re just buying the odd thing here and there. 



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