Leftover chicken? Have I got a recipe for you!!!

If you made my last recipe, the midweek meal, then you may well have some left over chicken and I’ve got a great recipe for you for these cold days and chilly evenings were having at the moment. It’s a Thai Green Chicken Noodle Broth, I made it today and it’s pretty yummy. I love a Thai Green Curry but this really hits the spot when you want something to warm you up on a cold afternoon, it’s made from left over chicken so it’s super easy and takes not time at all, with a small amount of chopping you’ll be tucking into this in no time

To make enough for 2 you will need

  • 1 spring onion sliced
  • Cooked chicken
  • 200ml of coconut milk
  • Thai Green Curry Paste
  • 1 noodle nest
  • 8 Green Beans
  • Handful of frozen peas

First a small amount of prep, slice the spring onion and the green beans and chop up the cooked chicken. Lightly fry the spring onion for 2 mins to soften slightly, add the Thai Green Curry Paste, I haven’t given you an amount for this, it depends how hot you want it, I used 1tbsp which gave it a nice heat but not too much but add more or less to however hot you want it. Fry the curry paste for 2 mins then add the coconut milk and 200ml of water. Add the green beans and simmer gently for 4mins, add the cooked chicken and the noodles (you’re going to want to crush the noodles so they’re in small strands so it’s easier to eat) simmer for 2 mins and add the peas and as soon as the peas are ready your good to go. It should be kinda “thin” it’s more of a broth than a soup. 

Put into a bowl and enjoy with a hunk of bread, this is sure to warm you up in no time



Midweek madness

We all know what it’s like, it’s the middle of the week and there just isn’t enough time in the day to make your family a home cooked meal

Think again guys and gals, I’ve got a great recipe for you with minimal prep and maximum satisfaction to keep you and the family happy.

This is my midweek roast chicken with roasted veg and cous cous

1 whole chicken There are loads of pre flavoured chickens out there in the supermarkets so by all means grab yourselves one of these babies or get a plain one and flavour it up yourself, you could go classic with just a bit of salt and pepper or maybe try something different. All the supermarkets will do dry spice mixes so pick whatever you fancy (I usually use a lemon and herb mix) and season your bird up.

Roasting Veg I think all the supermarkets do a pre prepared Roasting veg mix, they usually come in a little foil tray ready to bung in the oven so they’re perfect but if you want to do your own then by all means grab your veg (I used red onion, courgette, pepper, cherry tomatoes but you can used any veg you like) and get chopping. You don’t want to cut the veg too small, I do the red onion into wedges, courgette I cut lengthways in half then into roughly 2″ chunks, half the pepper, remove the stalk and seeds and then cut into chunks and leave the cherry tomatoes whole. When doing my own I put all of the prepped veg into a freezer bag, throw in a can of drained chickpeas, throw in a couple of lightly crushed garlic cloves (they will add a subtle garlic flavour) add some olive oil and season however you like, I usually just do salt, pepper and dried thyme but you can use whatever you like. Tie the top of the bag and give it all a good “squidge” around in the bag so it all get coated in oil and leave until ready to put in the oven

Cous cous I Love Couscous, it’s so easy and quick and great accompaniment to this easy meal. I buy the already flavoured couscous and just follow the instructions on the pack, what could be easier? If cous cous isn’t your thing you could substitute it for savoury rice, again just follow the pack instructions

I’m not going to give you quantities, you know how much your family will eat so buy enough for the amount of people you’re cooking for, also I love my veg so I probably do enough for 3 or 4 when there’s only 2 of us so buy what you need, the other good thing is that any leftovers can be kept for another meal

Pre heat your oven to 180, I always cook my chicken breast side down to start with, I think I read somewhere that it keeps the breasts nice and juicy (ooo I say) check what your chicken pack says, they normally have a cooking time on them. The veg will need about 30-40 mins so put your bird in the oven for the total cooking time minus 40 mins so for example if it says it will take 1hr40mins then set your timer for 1hour, sit back and relax, have a cuppa and put your feet up, now wasn’t that easy?

When that timer starts beeping, grab a flat non stick tray and empty out your roasting veg onto it, put in the top of the oven for 20 mins and turn that bird right way up. After 20 mins give the veg a turn and put back in for 15 mins. Meanwhile prepare your cous cous as per the pack instructions and leave until needed. 

After 15 mins have a look at the veg, if it’s done take it out and check that bird. I always check a leg and pierce the breast with a knife if the juices are clear and the meat comes away from the bone clearly you’re good to go. “Fork” the cous cous (behave) it keeps the grains separate and fluffy, I add a little olive oil to make it a bit more luxurious. That’s pretty much it, dish up and enjoy your super easy, super fast midweek meal.

Any leftover chicken can be picked off the bones and kept in the fridge (I’ve got a great recipe for you) veg and cous cous can be kept in the same way 

Have you got any easy midweek recipes you’d like to share? Feel free to add your own family faves