Tuesday night extravaganza! 

I came to my normal menu planning and we all know what it’s like, we get stuck in a rut, always cooking the same dishes and it can get a bit dull. So I thought and I thought and decided to do a Indian spiced whole roast chicken with saag aloo and roasted cauliflower, oh man it was soooo good. It was really easy, I made the chicken up myself and got the other recipes from Pintrest and voila, Indian chicken was made.  

 I used a whole chicken, slashed the meat and marinaded it overnight. For the marinade I used a whole crushed garlic clove, about 2tblsp of a hot curry powder, a little salt, a little oil and water to bind it and massaged it into the bird and left it in the fridge over night. The next day I pre heated the oven to 180 and roasted that bird following the timing on the pack. While it was roasting I made the Cauliflower and the Saag Aloo and we had a dinner fit for a king. 

These were the two sides that I picked but you could make it with any of your favourite Indian sides, maybe a chapatti or two, rice, naan bread etc. it’s totally customisable for your own taste. It doesn’t even have to be Indian, you could do a Mexican style with Cajun spices, some refried beans, guacamole and some Mexican style rice. Happy cooking 😀 xx


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