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It’s summer!!! Or so they say 😒

So apparently it’s summer, I’m not so sure but they reckon it’s going to be hot hot hot in August. 

Anyone seen fake britain on BBC 1? Very interesting on fake products out there and it’s quite worrying, are we getting what we ink were buying? Makes you wonder

Sunday bliss

im sat here planning my weeks menu in the garden, sipping a glass of prosecco (love a bit of prosecco) it is perhaps a little breezier than I would like but still lovely. I love sitting outside to eat, wether it’s at home in the garden or out at a restaurant there’s something very relaxing about being able to sit outside. 

Anywhoo I’m planning away and I’m trying to come up with some lovely summery dishes for us. The Mr is currently going no carbs for a few weeks so it’s been lots of salads for lunch (he loves salad, not!) and plenty of meat and veg for dinner although I do try to do 1 meat free meal a week (sometimes more) so at present my shop of choice in Morrisons (I would like to add that I am not affiliated with any of the supermarkets, all of my opinions are my own) I like Morrisons mostly because of the price, I always find myself walking round other supermarkets thinking “I could get that cheaper at Morrisons” I like their fresh fruit and veg, their butchers is quite good even though I do like to buy my meat from a local butchers and I do like the match and more card. So far I think I’ve had a £5 voucher every month and I’ve started saving them, they’re valid for a year!!! So between them, nectar and club card points I’m hoping to have a fairly cheap Christmas 😀 I would definitely recommend getting all the loyalty cards because all these points and offers add up even if you’re just buying the odd thing here and there. 


So much spinach

I love spinach but I hate buying those big bags because sometimes I don’t use it all and it sits in the fridge for weeks after. You can however wilt down your spinach and freeze it so it’s on hand to throw in dishes as and when you like 😃

First things first, put a very small amount of water in the bottom of a saucepan and put it on the heat, depending on the size of your pan you may need to do it batches. Wilting the spinach will take literally 2mins  

Once it’s wilted down it will look like this  

Put it in a colander and press with the back of a spoon to get rid of as much water as possible 

When pressed spread out on a baking tray and leave to cool for a few mins before putting in the freezer, doing it like this will ensure you have a fairly free mixture rather than one big clump 

 When frozen break up and put into a freezer bag and keep on hand to throw into those yummy home cooked meals 😃

So easy and cuts down on waste, you know how I feel about food waste grrrrr!!! 😡

The adventure begins

so, we had our first slow cooker meal yesterday, I made beef chilli which was pretty darn yummy I have to say. I think the only thing better than not having to cook dinner when you get home is the smell that greets you when you walk through the front door, oh man! My house smelt soooo good yesterday afternoon. 

Who knew there were so many things you can make in a slow cooker, seriously, Google slow cooker recipes. It’s amazing!!! You can even Make a chocolate cake in it, I’m definitely giving that one a go. I’ll make sure I share any recipies I like 

Menu planning

im sat here planning what we’ll be having for dinner for the next week so I thought I’d share it with you, this is my meal planner, isn’t it pretty? I got this from Sainsburys but there are plentyout there so if you’re as obsessed with stationary as I am you’ll end up with 4 or 5 of these babies before you know it (the cake helps BTW 😉)


I start by checking out what I’ve got stashed in the freezer, i usually have a few bits and bobs in there, sometimes I grab a bargain or I might buy extra if there’s a good offer on and freeze what I don’t need for another day. I see what I’ve got and work from there, I get lots of love ideas from Pintrest, I love Pinterest, it’s great for inspiration. 

While I write my menu I make my shopping list, writing down what I need for each meal so I don’t buy too much, I hate food waste, there’s no need for it if we all just shopped a little smarter


Slow cooker fun

so I got a slow cooker for my birthday, this excites me rather a lot. Got any recipes you’d like to share?? I’d love to know your slow cooker gems, hints and tips and I’ll do the same

A slow cooker can be  great addition to your kitchen and I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with mine and experimenting 😃 xxx