Shopping hints and tips, BTW I Love Shopping ðŸ˜€

I know shopping can sound like a chore but with a little careful planning it can be fairly painless and you can pick up some great bargains!!!

Plan your weekly meals,  lunches, dinners, its well worth taking 10 mins to sit down and plan what you’ll be eating so you can make a list and only buy what you need for those meals. I love a list and can’t shop without one so even if you don’t plan what your having at least make a list so you know what your buying.
Try not to be tempted in by “end of aisle deals” they are there to attract your attention and encourage you to buy things you weren’t intending to and therefore spend more money (cheeky)
Always check out special offers to see how special they really are, check prices carefully to see if they add up. On the shelf ticket there is usually a price “breakdown” so it will be “£2.50 per 100g” or “32p per unit” etc, always worth taking that bit of extra time to take a closer look.
Buying in bulk can often seem tempting but if your buying 3 packs of veg for £3 because they’re on offer and only using 1 pack and throwing the rest out its a waste of money and food. We’re all guilty of partaking in those tempting offers, I’ve done it many a time, but think before you buy, do you really need those 10 cucumbers for £1 maybe just the one will be enough 😆
Always have a good rummage in the reduced sections, there’s normally a few in each supermarket so keep those eyes peeled and sharpen those elbows shoppers, it can get feisty round the reduced.
Shop local where possible, I’m a huge supporter of local shops and try to shop local where I can. I do realise its not always the cheapest option but even just a few pounds here and there can make a big difference to small businesses


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